Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation

Tomorrow’s hope is an orphanage in the city of Daloa in Côte d’Ivoire, west Africa, that provides shelter, food, education and family environment for Children.


The route to achieving Diversity, Equality and Inclusion can be attained by curating innovative programs for students. Tailoring activities can aid in personal development, while improving social skills, building self confidence and fostering teamwork. CGE LAB is teaching students how the clothes they wear everyday are designed and made through hands on, one on one training. The students proudly wear the apparel they create and now have knowledge on what goes into designing their favorite t-shirts.

Seed Project

The Dan Cates Foundation is happy to announce that we are now supporting the Seed Project as ambassador to fundraise and develop their facilities. Our foundation donated a gym in the CNEPS facility in Thies, Senegal, as well as more training kits for the kids. SEED PROJECT serves more than 2,000 students weekly across Senegal, The Gambia and the United States to ensure that youth have access to a quality education, high performance sports training, and the leadership tools to make big dreams come true.

Reach Out Gambia

The Dan Cates Foundation has donated food supplies to three orphanages and two schools in Gambia. The supplies provided enough food, for 200 kids, for over a month .

Reach Out Gambia is a Charitable Foundation registered in The Gambia in October 2018. The foundation’s aims and objectives are:

• To help set up a standard administration system for orphanages and provide basic amenities, shelter and structured educational programs for the children.
• To help the ones in need by facilitating the provision of clean drinking water, clothing, basic food amenities, disaster relief etc.
• To provide mentorship to young men and women
• To provide skills training especially targeted at students graduating from Qur’anic Education.

KJM Foundation

KJM Foundation aims at providing potable water to the remotest villages in Ghana, school supplies for the underprivileged students as well as empowering the many youth through mentorship and developmental programs.

The Dan Cates Foundation aims to put their focus on three main areas of the KJM Foundation: Clean Water Project, Educational Supplies and Youth Empowerment.

Football for Peace

Football for Peace (FfP) is a philanthropic organization which utilizes the unique power of football to deliver global social change to serve people and the planet.

The Children’s Heart Foundation Ghana

The Dan Cates Foundation is proud to announce that our founder, Dan Cates, is now a global ambassador of The Children’s Heart Foundation Ghana to help find donors that will pay for more than 50 children on the waiting list to receive open heart surgery. There are currently 47 kids on the waiting list. We need your support.