The Dan Cates Foundation

The Dan Cates Foundation, founded in 2020 by professional poker player Dan Cates, is a registered non-profit organization based in Ghana.

The purpose of the Dan Cates Foundation is to provide help in building a world where everyone’s basic needs are met. The foundation partners with charities already doing trojan work and who align with our values, providing the basics of food, water and clothing projects, educational supplies, as well as youth and female empowerment.

Play a role in Changing Lives of the Underprivileged people who need the Real change in their life.

The 2019 African average score for Overall Governance fell -0.2 points registering the first year-on-year score deterioration since 2010.

Foundations We Support

About Us

Dan Cates created his Foundation in 2020, not just in response to the effects of the global pandemic affecting us all, but particularly on the continent of Africa. It was borne out of Dan’s ultimate belief, and hope, that the world will learn to work together for the common good, as a united planet. He believes first that, all people should have their basic needs met, Food, water, and shelter.
Second, basic human rights – freedom of speech, a right to a fair trial, and all the other rights that the United Nations claim to support, are paramount.
Third, that all people should have the freedom to pursue what they want as long as it does not harm life.
Lastly, that the environment must be protected to be suitable for all. His aim is to use his platform to make a change step by step.

Call to Action

Dan is proud of the good work being carried out by the The Dan Cates Foundation thus far, but there is much more to be done.

Alone, Dan can only do so much and needs your help to create a movement that will inspire everyone to do their part. Please get in touch with the team to help. Together, we all win.